WinNc 9.0

Browse, copy, move or rename files and folders in a tabbed interface
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Make use of the dual-panel interface to browse two folders at once and compare the files in the two locations, copy or move multiple files to the same folder and rename your files. See how much space is occupied and how much is still free on each of your partitions, queue multiple actions, create archives, decompress files, burn files on disks, create ISO images and more.

WinNc is a file manager with multiple features that make it a perfect replacement for Windows Explorer. If you are familiar with Norton Commander, you will notice the extreme similarity between the graphical user interfaces of these two programs, which certainly minimizes your efforts in learning to use WinNc. They both have a two-panel layout to view the contents of two locations side by side. In addition, you can open various tabs simultaneously if you need to visualize multiple pairs of folders.

It is a good thing that not only local folders are supported as the program can also access remote locations such as networked drives or FTP servers. It is a pity, though, that it cannot help you transfer data to cloud storage sites. However, it does support sending compressed files using your default email client.

Good news is also that you do not need to learn new keyboard shortcuts because such commonly used ones as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X can still be used to copy and paste files and folders respectively. However, most of these operations are not immediately executed. Instead, a dialog box appears for you to configure other parameters and filters. This is definitely a great help in automating some processes that require making decisions, as when you synchronize the contents of two different folders. Fortunately, you can also disable the dialog box if you find it is a nuisance to deal with it every time you want to do something. Sadly, something I miss is that the tool does not respond to right-clicking by showing a contextual menu.

In addition to its usefulness for file copying, WinNc has many other highly convenient features. In this regard, the tool can be used to compress and decompress files and folders as well as split and recombine files. Likewise, it can encrypt or decrypt data.

Luckily, there are some features specifically intended for dealing with media. This way, the application allows you rip discs, create and burn audio CDs, convert between audio formats and even organize a music playlist. Moreover, it can create instant slideshows out of the images you store in a given folder.

In fewer words, WinNc can substitute Windows Explorer to help you perform file operations more efficiently. Furthermore, as many features are integrated in a single tool, you do not need to use various separate utilities instead.

Pedro Castro
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  • Two side-by-side panels
  • Various tabs with different folder pairs
  • Copying filters
  • Data synchronization
  • CD ripping, creating and burning
  • Audio format conversion
  • Data encryption and archiving
  • Support of remote locations
  • File splitting and merging


  • No contextual menu
  • No support of cloud storage locations
  • Bothersome dialog box set to appear by default
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